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Treasury Direct - TIPS / CPI Data
An alternative source for the TIPS information shown on this site.
Recent Note, Bond, and TIPS Auction Results
To view detailed press announcement PDF files for today’s and earlier auctions go to Today’s Auction Results. To look up sinopses of auction results go to Historical Auction Query.
Upcoming Treasury Auction Announcements
Announcements of upcoming auctions. Since auctions may be announced only a few days before they occur, you can also download a Tentative 6-Month Auction Schedule PDF File. But remember this is tentative and check the announcements as an auction draws near.
Treasury Daily Yield Curve
Approximate TIPS daily real yields for 5, 7, 10, 20, & 30 year maturities. From this same web page you can also choose to see yields for standard Treasury securities. Mentally subtract the TIPS yields to see the market’s implicit future inflation expectations.
Wall Street Journal Daily TIPS Prices
Daily prices for each TIPS outstanding. Also shows real yield to maturity and current IR (truncated to 3 decimal places, multiplied by 1000, and labeled ‘Accrued Principal’).
Bloomberg TIPS Prices
Prices and yields for the current 5, 10, 20, and 30 year TIPS updated throughout the day.
Historical Graph of 10-year TIPS Yields
Graph prepared by the Saint Louis Federal Reserve bank. Click Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities in the navigation line near the top to go to the page to select other maturities.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
The BLS produces the monthly non-seasonally adjusted CPI-U upon which the Ref CPIs and IRs are based. The original uncorrected figures are used for Jan - Aug 2000. It's necessary to use these to agree with Reference CPI reported by TreasuryDirect. See TreasuryDirect: policy on CPI revisions and BLS: Explanation of revisions for more info.
All of Inflation’s Little Parts
Cool interactive pie type chart showing the component weighting of CPI. Requires Adobe Flash Player.
Explore Bonds
Best web site I’ve found for information about TIPS. A book, Explore TIPS, by the web site’s author is also available.
TIPS Watch
This blog explores ideas, benefits and cautions about TIPS.
Bogleheads Forum
This active forum has many threads discussing TIPS.
I Bonds
Another web site I designed which shows the growth in value of Series I Savings Bonds.
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