TIPS Ladder Builder 02/17/2023

Helps build a ladder of TIPS taking into account interest received each year on TIPS maturing in the future.

TIPS Ladder

Change log:
04/02/11: First released
04/06/12: Add Already Held, Buy, & Sell columns for # of Bonds and Bond Value
08/03/14: Replace Years to Cover with Multiplier for added flexibility
02/22/15: Lookup from WSJ sheet using maturity + coupon, not just maturity
07/29/16: Save as .XLSX instead of .XLS
09/02/18: Completely restructure calculations & include accrued interest
04/29/19: Expand WSJ quote pasting ranges to avoid overrun
05/05/19: Fix minor calc error, handle ladder ending in gap year
11/30/20: Add ToPaste sheet
11/02/22: Minor wording fix, add new Oct 2027 issue
11/18/22: Add Yearly sheet
11/27/22: Eliminate "Start # Years Prior" column
02/18/23: Add Jan 2033 & Feb 2053 and rows for Apt 2028, Oct 2028, & Jul 2033
02/18/23: Update prices with WSJ 2/17/2023 quotes

Click following link to download: TIPSLadder.XLSX