TIPS Interest and OID Calculator 11/14/2023

Calculates interest and Original Issue Discount (OID), the inflation adjustment, for one year for a portfolio of TIPS.

TIPS Interest OID

Change log:
01/22/12: Initially prepared
08/24/14: Added complete daily Ref CPI table so can display any year since 1997
04/20/16: Add Total OID column
11/18/17: Saved in more compact .XLSX format instead of .XLS
08/22/19: Add calc of principal value & accrued interest on a given date
08/27/23: Add WSJ sheet so can calc market value
08/27/23: Add Bid Price, Mkt Val, and Incl Int columns on main sheet
11/14/23: Add Oct 2023 CPI, update WSJ Quotes

Click following link to download: TIPSInterestOID.XLSX