Longevity Estimator - 6/17/2024

Shows the probability of two people being alive in the future: individually, both, either, etc. Based on user selectable life table. Has option for estimating present values of single and joint annuities.

Odds Alive

Change log:
08/07/15: Initial version
08/08/15: Allow more flexibility in Joint annuity options
09/01/15: Add Society of Actuaries RP-2014 Mortality Table
09/20/15: Add SSA Cohort 1980, 1990, & 2000 tables
06/25/16: Add options for minimum years guaranteed & annual % increase
12/16/19: Add SS sheet to calculate PV for nine claim ages 62 - 70
01/23/22: Add Tax sheet to allow calc after income tax
06/17/24: Add SSA 2021 Period table & make it the default

Click following link to download: OddsOfBeingAlive.XLSX