I Bonds Resources

In Depth information about I Bonds, including Calculating Interest Rates.
Savings Bond Calculator
This TreasuryDirect online calculator is good for showing the value of any number of I Bonds for one point in time. Click Get Started to go directly to the calculator.
Savings Bond Wizard
Like the online calculator it calculates the value of any number of I Bonds as of a given month. It runs on Microsoft Windows.
Savings Bond Advisor
Comprehensive site devoted to all types of Savings Bonds including I Bonds. It includes a Savings Bond Calculator to determine the current value as do the TreasuryDirect caclulator and wizard. It has a section, Savings Bond interest rate calculations, which explains the method used to calculate the value of I Bonds.
I Bonds Info
Site I just noticed dedicated to I Bonds. Scroll to the bottom of the home page for a list of topics. The site includes tables of I Bond Values for recent months for a $25 bond. These tables might be useful if you have several I Bonds and you want to know each of their redemption values at the same terminal month, and you don't want to use the Savings Bond Calculator or Wizard.
I Bond Monthly Calculator
I've created an Excel file that computes the same value growth history as do these web pages. It has the advantage that you can enter the size of your I Bond; you're not limited to the sizes on this web site. I Bond Portfolio Calculator calculates the values for an entire porfolio of I Bonds each month for a year.
Bogleheads‘s Wiki I Savings Bonds
Explanation of I Bonds including How interest is calculated. In 2010 Mel Lindauer, one of the original Bogleheads, wrote four columns on Forbes about I Bonds: column 1, column 2, column 3, column 4. Also the forum on Bogleheads.org has many topics dealing with I Bonds.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Table of monthly CPI-U going back to 1913 in table 24 of CPI Detailed Report Tables PDF file listed on this BLS web page. The I Bond semi-annual Inflation Rates equal the change in the CPI-U between March and September. For example, the 2.30% semi-annual inflation rate effective May 1, 2011 represents the increase from September 2010's 218.439 to March 2011's 223.467.
Backdoor to Paper Savings Bonds
After 12/31/2011 the Treasury will no longer issue I Bonds in paper form, except using a tax refund. This article explains how to do it.
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) Index Ratios
Another web site I designed which shows the index ratios used to adjust TIPS principal for changes in the CPI.
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