Marginal Tax Rates - 12/22/2018

Shows the marginal federal tax rate for choice of tax year 2014 to 2019. User chooses one of the following four as the independent variable and enters dollar amounts for the other three.

For example, the following graph shows the marginal tax rate as 2017 Non-SS ordinary income increases for a single filer age 65+ taking the standard deduction who has $10,000 of QDI/LTCG and a $30,000 Social Security benefit.

Marginal Tax Rates

Change log:
10/08/15: Initial version
10/12/15: Add graph of marginal taxable SS underneath marginal tax chart
02/04/16: Add Tables sheet to handle multiple tax years
02/05/16: Add Compare sheet to show marginal rates for specific inputs
02/16/16: Let tax exempt interest also be chosen as the variable to graph
12/24/17: Revise to use new tax law (TCJA) for 2018
12/22/18: Add Years and Retire sheets & update Tables sheet for 2019

Click following link to download: MarginalTaxRates.xlsx