I Bond Portfolio Calculator 11/1/2022

Uses an Excel macro to calculate the values of a portfolio of I Bonds for each month in a year. Also shows previous December, following January, and their differences which reflects the interest accrued and earned during the year. User can choose option to show redemption value which deducts three month interest for bonds redeemed before five years.


Change log:
08/04/12: First published
08/10/12: Add link to bond's history page on my web site
08/17/12: Add previous December and following January & subtract to get one year's increase in value
08/17/12: Add option to calculate Redemption Value instead of Full Value
08/19/12: Add rows to show total accumulated interest and total interest for the month
04/03/21: Add Mature and MatYrs sheets. Save as .XLSM file type instead of .XLS
11/01/22: Add new rates effective Nov 1 2022

Click following link to download: IBondPortfolioCalculator.XLSM